Previous winners and challenges


Design packaging for a gaming system that enhances the unboxing experience and can be used while playing the game.


Design packaging for the contents of a subscription box package that enhances the customer experience and can be reused for storage


Design an interactive package for a fitness tracker that can be reused to store the product and allows customers to try on the product


Design an unconventional, innovative premium package for dry goods food packaging. The package should contain a structural component that enhances its function and stands out on upscale grocery store shelves.


Design a limited edition innovative toy package that can also be reused as an interactive structure for the toy.


Design an innovative men's cosmetic gift set package that can also be used as merchandiser display.


Design a creative and functional movie theater candy package and explain how it could be merchandised.


Design a functional and creative package for a quick-serve chain kids' meal, and address how the plans could be altered to serve an additional purpose.


Design a marketable package for a limited edition high-end PDA/smart phone and provide plans for altering the packaging to accommodate a mass market run.


Design a sustainable and marketable package for a 2.5" decorative papier-mache globe commemorating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.