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Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
Advisors: Bill Wynkoop and Laurie Frear

3rd-Place-Web Disney Pixar Wall-E Picasso's Ice Cream Tacos Extreme Team TURME Alfred in the Overworld Tale Traveler Safari Untamed McQueen's Garage
TURME — Yunjing Jiao, Brooke Sinatra, Meng Wang, and Hengbo Zhang
Safari Untamed — Nicholas Luongo, Isar Chang, Janet West, and David Johnson
McQueen's Garage — Anna Valentine, Stephanie Lydon, Adrienne Michalakis, and Britta Moberg
Extreme Team — Melanie Cope, Giovanni Leone, Jane Lim, Cody Shaben, and Taylor Kaiser
Picasso's Ice Cream Tacos — Kelsey Rowley, Veronica Lin, Lori Meyer, Garrett Parlo, and Teysia Parks
Disney Pixar Wall-E — Jooyeon Chang, Danielle Marino, Roberto Kodi Uchida, Margaret Davis, and Eli Leentjes
Alfred in the Overworld — Sarah Casale, Angelica Chen, Michelle Wong, and Annie Wong
Tale Traveler — Sophia Delplato, Ariel Jen, and Julee Ann Martin
Sugar Skull — Jacqueline Moshier, Stephen Reed, Ellie Peters, Ashley Slaby, and Carly Rumpf