About the Student Design Challenge

Each year, the Paperboard Packaging Alliance (PPA) challenges students in leading packaging design programs to show off their design skills, innovative capacity and savvy in meeting real-world customer needs and marketing scenarios. The winning teams and schools earn cash prizes and bragging rights.

Previous Entries

42-NUMI 43-Basketball Never Stops 51-beyouonthego 52-aldesko 53-hikerbox 58-sixpacksnacks 56-jacklinks 55-benchmark 57-kalon 54-barbell 50-greenhouse 49-fittogether 47-unwinded 46-terragota 48-bulkbox 45-schnaxx 44-weimismile 41-potion 38-origin 36-packinheat

Paperboard is a paper-based material that is generally thicker than paper. It is a renewable and recyclable resource sourced from managed tree farms and recycled paperboard. Easy to cut and form, it is both lightweight and strong, which makes it ideal for packaging. Paperboard packaging comes in several different grades that possess unique characteristics making each grade suitable for different packaging requirements and needs.