2020 Winners Announced! 

And the winners are:
  • First Place: Ryerson University
  • Second Place: Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Third Place: Fashion Institute of Technology

An honorable mention and three shout outs were also named.

Students were asked to design an innovative packaging toolkit for educators to use as part of the Trees into Cartons, Cartons into Trees (TICCIT®) program, which engages third through fifth graders in an environmental and educational activity, highlighting the renewability and sustainability of paper and paperboard packaging.

2020 Entries

30.1 29.1 27.1 26.1 24.1 28.1 25.1 23.1 22.2 21.1 20.1 19.1 18.1 17.1 16.1 15.1 13.1 14.1 3.1 12.1

The 2021 Design Challenge

2021 Student Design Challenge Logo

For the 2021 Student Design Challenge, students are asked to choose a community relief organization and design packaging to meet a need for that organization. Submission deadline is June 4, 2021.

Download 2021 Challenge Packet

Getting Inspired

Where do professionals in the paperboard packaging industry look for inspiration?