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Paperboard Packaging Alliance Announces 2018 Student Design Challenge Winners

WASHINGTON – The Paperboard Packaging Alliance (PPA) today announced the winners of its 2018 Student Design Challenge. The winning teams presented their designs to executives from the top paperboard packaging manufacturers in North America alongside the winners of the Paperboard Packaging Council’s (PPC) Annual Carton Competition at PPC’s semi-annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

The 2018 challenge was to design packaging for the contents of a subscription box package that enhances the customer experience and can be reused for storage. All submitted designs can be viewed at

“Congratulations to the 2018 Student Design Challenge winners,” said American Forest & Paper Association President and CEO Donna Harman. “Two hundred students from 13 universities submitted 58 designs, showing remarkable ingenuity.”

“We hope the Student Design Challenge provides a meaningful contribution to the portfolios of these young designers,” said PPC President Ben Markens. “By connecting employers with the workforce of the future, we can create a stronger, more innovative, and forward-moving industry.”

2018 PPA Student Design Challenge Winners

st Place: Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
Entry Name: Packin’ Heat
Team: Nicole Longford, Kelly Fellner, Andrew McMahon & Dylan Fisher
Advisors: Bill Wynkoop & Lorrie Frear

2nd Place: California Polytechnic State University (CalPoly)
Entry name: Harvest
Team: Amanda Truong, Mitchel Salles, Audrey Gerughty & Andrew Fulton
Advisors: Irene Carbonell, Javier de la Fuente & Mary LaPorte

3rd Place: Chowan University
Entry name: Moment
Team: Shelby Barlowe & Gabrielle Wilson
Advisor: Dr. Mitchell Henke

Winners were chosen by a team of paperboard packaging industry professionals who rated submissions based on their response to the competition scenario, innovative structural and graphic design, functionality, and the quality of the finished product.

The winning student teams received a cash prize to share among their team members and their respective schools received a cash award to support their academic programs. First place: $5,500 to the team, $5,000 to the school; second place: $3,300 to the team, $3,000 to the school; and third place: $1,650 to the team, $1,500 to the school.

For more information about the PPA Student Design Challenge, like the Paperboard Packaging Alliance on Facebook and visit


 About the Paperboard Packaging Alliance
The Paperboard Packaging Alliance (PPA) is a joint initiative of the American Forest & Paper Association and the Paperboard Packaging Council. The mission is to promote the benefits of paperboard packaging to influence preference for these materials in packaging design and selection. PPA is a proud supporter of collegiate packaging and design programs across the U.S. and Canada, donating thousands of dollars in scholarships, materials, and classroom resources each year. Alliance membership includes companies representing the full range of mills and converters engaged in the production of paperboard packaging. Additional information about PPA can be found at

About the American Forest & Paper Association
The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) serves to advance a sustainable U.S. pulp, paper, packaging, tissue and wood products manufacturing industry through fact-based public policy and marketplace advocacy. AF&PA member companies make products essential for everyday life from renewable and recyclable resources and are committed to continuous improvement through the industry’s sustainability initiative — Better Practices, Better Planet 2020. The forest products industry accounts for approximately four percent of the total U.S. manufacturing GDP, manufactures nearly $300 billion in products annually and employs approximately 950,000 men and women. The industry meets a payroll of approximately $55 billion annually and is among the top 10 manufacturing sector employers in 45 states. Visit AF&PA online at or follow us on Twitter @ForestandPaper.

About the Paperboard Packaging Council
PPC is the leading industry association serving suppliers and converters of all forms of paperboard packaging. PPC works to grow, promote, and protect the paperboard packaging industry while providing its members with resources and tools to compete effectively and successfully in the marketplace. For more information, call 413.686.9191 or visit



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