2020 Student Design Challenge Entries

If you would like the images of your designs for your portfolio, contact ppa@afandpa.org with the name of your entry, team members and your school.

First Place

School: Ryerson University
Advisors: Natalia Lumby, Jay Park
Designers: Dorotea Bajic, Laura Rendell-Dean
Education Crate

Second Place

The Frears 
School: Rochester Institute of Technology 
Advisors: Lorrie Frear, Carlos Diaz- Acosta, Emily Barclay
Designers: Rachel Goldberg, Allison Kunz, Luke Hallick, Brianna Johnson, Jenna Robinson

The Frears

Third Place

School: Fashion Institute of Technology
Advisors: Sandra Krasovec, Adam Straus
Designers: Valeria Bornacelli, Michelle Kim, Ashley Markiewicz, Margaret Seleznev


Honorable Mention

Loose Leaves 
School: Rochester Institute of Technology
Advisor: Lorrie Frear, Carlos Diaz-Acosta, Emily Barclay
Designers: Daeya Shealy, Sierra Babcock, Erica Boyd, Anna Schum-Houck


Loose Leaves

Shout Outs

School: Rochester Institute of Technology
Advisor: Lorrie Frear, Carlos Diaz-Acosta, Emily Barclay
Designers: Cristian Maynez, Lena Ohara, Da Chen, Amanda Stopper, Noah Heydt


TICCIT or Leaf It
Rutgers University  
Advisor: Tian Jin, Martin Golden
Designers: Nicolas Caballes, Dariya Lizanets, Lisandra Macedo, Natalia Castro, Sarah Basenese

 TICCIT or Leaf It

Sustainable Spartans
School: San Jose State University
Advisor: Xiaojing Liu
Designers: Jai Araujo, Caitlin Lucas, Tu Chung

 Hexa Planter

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